AstraZeneca says it is tapping into “global supply chains” to increase supplies in Thailand

AstraZeneca is importing doses from other supply chains to boost the number of vaccines available in Thailand, the Thai managing director said in an open letter on Tuesday.

Thailand opened its borders to international travellers on Tuesday despite the majority of people in the country yet to receive two doses. The government said that it was ramping up its vaccination program but the lack of doses has been a problem in the past.

AstraZeneca said that to help Thailand “overcome the difficult and ongoing challenges” of the pandemic, it has boosted local production by 20 per cent.

“We have been successful in increasing each manufactured batch size by 20%, from 580,000 doses per batch to on average 700,000,” James Teague, Thailand’s Managing Director said.

“In October we supplied 10.5 million doses to Thailand, taking the total supplied to date to 35.1 million, as part of our overall commitment to deliver 61 million, ahead of a newer agreement to supply an additional 60 million in 2022.”

Teague said that the company is also looking to import doses from “other supply chains” to increase the number available to the Thai government.

It is unclear how many doses will be imported from other areas of the world and whether or not those doses are on a lease basis and will have to be returned or whether they are outright buys from AstraZeneca.

Thailand saw 7,574 new cases on Tuesday and 78 fatalities. Public health experts agree that the reopening of the country will likely lead to more cases.


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