Charges filed against company for producing counterfeit medical gloves

Thailand’s Office of the Attorney General (OAG) said on Tuesday that it would prosecute a Thai trading company and one of its employees for the export of counterfeit medical gloves from Thailand to the United States.

“Public prosecutors have examined the evidence and they decided to prosecute Paddy the Room Trading Company, the first suspect, and Mr Phiphatphon, the third suspect,” Prayuth Pecharakun, the spokesman for the OAG, said.

“The OAG decided not to prosecute Mr Luk-Fei Yang Yang and the national police chief agreed,” he said.

Luk-Fei Yang Yang, the authorized director of the company, was not prosecuted privately but he is being prosecuted as the authorized director of the company. He did not show up when the OAG summoned him and the police have been instructed to bring him to court, Prayuth said.

The OAG said the company and Phiphatphon Hormjunya, an employee at the company, worked together to illegally produce medical equipment without a license, produced counterfeit medical equipment, sold counterfeit medical equipment, and sold medical equipment that was not up to standard.

They said that Phiphatphon has confessed and the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court has sentenced him to eight years in jail with no parole before it was halved because he confessed.

The police say they do not know the whereabouts of Luk-Fei Yang Yang.


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