Art Event: Existence of Variegated

The Existence of Variegated features 28 pieces of art created by a collective of 19 different artists and represents their identities and perceptions of society.

The SAC Gallery, a contemporary art space in the heart of Bangkok, is hosting an art exhibition to connect viewers to the remarkable pieces.

The exhibition will welcome guests until November 12.

“Art is an integral part of education. A viewer perceives art the way artists want them to. But art is a space for creativity that allows them to think outside the box, revealing their true colors, and to share their perceptions,” Thiti Teeraworawit, the Director of the Existence of Variegated exhibition told Thai Enquirer.

Some Highlights:

The City Line, oil on canvas, shows Bangkok’s less favorite

This next piece shows the crown of Miss Universe 1988 but draped in the traditional masculine blue.

“What’s on the golf course?” tells the story of a golf club female migrant staff who also works as a sex worker.

A woman laying down comfortably in a bikini surrounded by indoor objects.

Goal of exhibition

“I wanted people to connect to the artists’ identities. Pieces of art can only reveal themselves if interact with them in person. I believe viewing a piece of art should be a memorable experience,” said Thiti.


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