Flooded Bangkok communities may be inundated until November 13

Flooded Bangkok communities may be inundated by overflow from the Chao Phraya until November 13, the Royal Thai Navy said on Tuesday.

Bangkok communities were taken by surprise this week when overflow from the Chao Phraya River caused flooding in low lying communities and caused damage to homes and businesses.

The Bangkok Governor’s office apologized to residents for the lack of warning saying it had miscalculated the tide levels and overflow from the river.

Bangkok Governor Asawin Kwanmuang said that the level of the river was 50-60 centimeters higher than anticipated.

“We must apologize for the overflow into areas by the Chao Phraya River,” he said.

The situation is only likely to fade from November 13, with a possibility that flooding could happen again between November 20-26, according to the Hydrographic Department of the Royal Thai Navy.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said that it would reinforce embankments and levees and were installing pumps in at-risk communities.

Some of the flooding from Monday was caused by floating logs that ruptured embankments along the river and caused flooding.


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