Influencer’s abuse of adopted child to gain followers sparks wider debate

Human rights advocates and child protection groups are calling for closer scrutiny of influencers who use children to promote content and gain profit.

The call for scrutiny follows widespread criticism of an influencer and content creator known as Batsy who has used their adopted child to gain followers.

Her content mainly features fake headlines and graphics of her child being in a dangerous challenge including forcing her child to eat a bowl of red chilies or forcing her to get on an elephant.

Thai netizens took to Twitter using the hashtag #บาสตี้ [basty] to urge people to stop normalizing such content as they believe the content was harmful.

Child protection activists were quick to agree.

Saowalak Thongkuay, a Member of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities told Thai Enquirer that any action that violates children’s rights to privacy or their rights is considered child abuse.

“Parents need to stop posting inappropriate content about their children online. Putting children at risk for identity humiliation and [other issues],” she said.

“Anything that violates human dignity by any means should not be normalized.”

One attorney, who has a following on social media, wrote on his Facebook that Basty’s actions violated the child protection act under Section 26 and Section 27 of the criminal code and relates to protecting the privacy and personnel information of children.

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