Opinion: The constitutional court says marriage is only for reproduction in outdated opinion

The Constitutional Court’s verdict on Thursday proves Thailand’s inequality continues towards gender-diverse people.

The bill’s failure is a total disaster and one of the most disappointing moments in Thailand’s recent political history.

The Constitutional Court ruled that the purpose of marriage was reproduction thereby disenfranchising thousands of same-sex couples from the ability to marry.

Eight judges blocked the amendment that would allow homosexual couples to legally marry and build up families of their own.

The court cited section 1448 of the legal code which defines marriage as only between heteronormal males and females.

The court, thereby, decrees that all same-sex marriages are taboo.

Who is the court to decide on this? What makes them the moral arbiter in Thailand? They are to rule on constitutional matters, not moral matters.

Marriage is a promise of companionship between two people who pledge to love and care for each other even in sorrow and happiness. Sex and Gender should not matter.

Reproduction is an excuse

This also has nothing to do with reproduction. That’s only Thai traditional culture that reflects dominant culture norms.

There are plenty of marriages that don’t end up with children or is children even planned for entering the union. It is an excuse.

It appears that in our culture, marriage is no longer our decision. It becomes a sacred act that is of national security importance.

What baloney.

Not human

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal treatment.

It is quite clear how the court sees the LGBTIQ+ people with the verdict, alluding their behavior to animals behaving abnormally.

The is an act of gender discrimination. Discrimination and bias should have no place in the courts or anywhere in the world, especially in the justice system.

Unfortunately for Thai society, the dinosaurs on the constitutional court won’t have a meteor to wipe them out. They will have to evolve and that will take some time.

To the rest of us, it is clear, people are entitled to fall in love with who they want and when they want. They should be able to express their love legally and spiritually.

The fight will continue and one day the LGBTIQ+ community will be able to celebrate fully.


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