Opinion: Super Poll continues to show its true (yellow) colors

The people who conduct the Super Poll should be ashamed of themselves.

Everyone in the country knows how biased the polls are and that reputation was cemented with their latest survey results which purportedly shows the “person of the year” for 2021.

Photo via Work Point Today

The winner of “good person for society” poll was Toon Bodyslam.

The last time Artiwara “Toon Bodyslam” Kongmalai did his marathon for charity was in 2020 and his next run is next year.

Why was he a candidate for 2021? Maybe it was because of recent criticisms against his support for the junta.

No doubts that Toon’s charity runs have supported less fortunate students and saved lives but making him one of the candidates for a “good person” of the society in 2021 is iffy.

Not to mention that General Prawit Wongsuwan was somehow named the person of the year when comes to fixing societal and people’s problems with his “hands-on approach” when he sleeps his way through most parliamentary meeting.

To say that the mastermind behind the coup that destroyed our democracy should be anywhere near person of the year is extremely dubious.

But he was not even the worst inclusion on the list.

That distinction belongs to Major General Rianthong Nanna, director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, as one of the best doctors in helping manage the pandemic.

Rianthong should not be a candidate let alone coming second after Dr Yong Poovorawan.

His field hospital was against regulations and his comments that he will not welcome any pro-democracy protesters into his hospital even if they are dying from Covid should be enough to deter anyone from picking him as one of the best doctors this year.

Hippocratic oath? Never heard of it.

One wonders who the Super Poll interviews to get their results? The yellow shirt convention?


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