Sitala faces more backlash after taking neutral stance in new interview

Thai netizens vented their outrage Wednesday night when Sitala, a Thai-born K-pop musician, gave an interview regarding her participation in anti-democratic protests in 2014.

Sitala Wongkrachang, who recently joined the K-pop girl band H1-Key, said during the group’s debut on December 5 that she does not have any political position.

“I was young,” Sitala said. “And I didn’t understand the situation completely. But I hope people with diverse opinions live peacefully in Thailand.”

The interview comes only a month after another wave of outrage surged about Sitala in December. The controversy stems from the fact that she’s the daughter of famous late actor, Sarunyoo Wongkrachang,  a staunch royalist and pro-coup figure. Sitala was seen in photos attending pro-coup protests with her royalist father.  When news broke that she was to debut as a member of the new K-pop girl band H1-Key, the internet rage erupted.

Sitala also mentioned in the interview that she was a minor and did not understand the political situation enough at that time.

Nonetheless, the Twitter hashtag #แบนลูกหนัง (ban Looknung) is now being used in response to her prior statements that called for the overthrow of ex-prime minister Yingluck’s government in the past.

Netizens are now demanding that she apologize for her involvement in the pro-coup demonstrations and to publicly announce that she stands for Thai democracy.

“Not making a political stance means she has already made her stance,” said one Twitter user on Wednesday. “If she’s supporting her father’s attitude, it will cause her a stir. And if she says she’s supporting democracy, people will say she’s two-faced.”

It appears that many other Twitter users share the same frustrated sentiment.

“But does she actually think she would get away with it?” another Twitter user wrote. “What her father did has damaged many lives. Therefore, you won’t earn any support from me, even your name won’t be remembered. You’re not valuable enough to be remembered.”


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