[Update] Thai hotel visitor threatened with 3-million-baht lawsuit over poor review

A hotel in Khao Yai National Park, about two hours north of Bangkok, threatened to file a 3-million-baht lawsuit against a customer who complained about her stay and gave a 6/10 rating on a travel agency website. 

Sittra Biabangkerd, Secretary-general of the Lawyers for the People Foundation, said on Facebook that the customer who stayed there last year had contacted him and sought advice about the case.

The consumer said that she wrote a review in December about her poor experience, which included disappointing facilities, a lack of service, and an overpriced fee.

She later received a letter from the hotel’s lawyer ordering her to delete the review, pay a 3-million-baht compensation, and write a public apology in five local newspapers for seven days.

“Such review was a false statement and was widely spread to the public,” the letter said.  

According to Sittra, the review has already been removed from the website. He said the hotel customer did not delete it or asked the agency to do so. 

The customer only wrote an honest review, Sittra added. “And why does the owner of the hotel know who wrote the review as the username is anonymous?” he questioned. 

Correction: The original article was changed from “filed” a 3-million-baht lawsuit to “threatened to file”.


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