Hashtag trends on Thai twitter over rising commodity prices

Thai internet users took to social media on Thursday to express their frustration following the government’s mismanagement over skyrocketing living expenses.

The Thai authorities have recently just confirmed the first case of African swine fever (ASF), a viral disease affecting pigs, which has sparked a jump in pork price. The opposition parties and consumer groups have accused the government of a cover up.

The Twitter hashtag #แพงทั้งแผ่นดิน (expensive throughout the land) is being used to highlight the struggles of Thai citizens and point out the government’s missteps.

“Thailand was the world’s largest rice exporter. We were the world’s third largest seafood exporter. Today, the price keeps skyrocketing, but the state has never given any care. Is it because it’s not an important person’s main business?,” one netizen wrote on his account.

“Thailand will rise only because it’s an agricultural nation, but this time it will collapse because of dictatorship and nefarious capital.”

“The cost of living keeps rising opposite to the quality of life which is only getting lower. How do people live? Even the air we breathe is polluted. The state has failed to manage the country’s situation.”


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