Royalists say they’ve gathered one million signatures to call for Amnesty International to leave

An assistant minister at the Prime Minister’s Office said his royalist group was successful in gathering one million names for a petition calling for Amnesty International to leave Thailand.

He said his royalist group had already gathered one million “names”, he did not specify how they were gathered, and they are in the process of checking these names for validity.

He said they would hand in the names to related agencies, such as the interior ministry’s Department of Provincial Administration, to begin an official investigation on Amnesty International Thailand.

The group wanted the NGO’s license to be lifted if the organisation was found guilty of supporting the pro-democracy movement.

“NGOs that are supporting the three-hoof mob to destroy the country’s stability and abolish the royal institution are extremely dangerous,” Seksakol Atthawong, better known as Rambo Isaan, told reporters on Tuesday.

The “three-hoof mob” is what royalists and pro-government supporters call the latest student-led pro-democracy movement which began in 2020.

The movement uses the three-finger salute, representing freedom, equality and solidarity, as one of their symbols to call for the reformation of the royal institution, amendment of the junta-drafted charter and the resignation of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha.

“The majority of the people in this country that are willing to protect the country and the institution, they will never allow these organisation to have a foothold on this land because they will use it to create unrest within the society,” he said.


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