Opposition calls on government to fix commodity prices

Opposition parliamentarians are calling on the government to resolve Thailand’s rising living costs and ease the strain on consumers.

Thailand has been facing rising market prices for commodity goods like pork, eggs, and oil, since the beginning of the year.

Tasanee Buranupakorn, a member of parliament for the Pheu Thai Party told parliament on Wednesday that the country’s average income remains the same although the market prices have gone up.

“The cost of production has increased, therefore the living cost goes up. But people’s wages remain the same,” Tasanee said.

She also said that oil is the main factor for cost of living increase as it affects both transportation and production.

She said the government’s public statement on why the rising living cost should be based on the cost calculation, not the increased price of oil which was completely wrong.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha told reporters at Government House on Monday that he didn’t understand why market prices were going up despite the rising prices of oil.

“Even if the cost [of oil] increases by one baht, the product price should not go up.”

Tasanee called on the prime minister to work to help the people.

“I urge the government to take a field visit to acknowledge people’s struggle on the rising living costs instead of making negligent statements on the issue,” Tasanee said.


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