University testing body under fire from angry students

Thai students took to Twitter on Friday with the #แบนทปอ (banTCAS) to vent their frustrations over Thailand’s educational system and an education organization’s response to exams during the pandemic period.

The Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) is designed to recruit students to get seats in universities. The system consists of five rounds of admission which includes submitting portfolios, taking examinations, and seeking out vacant spots at individual universities.

Students are concerned with infection rates of the Omicron variant now dominant throughout the country, therefore, they urged TCAS to postpone the examination date.

TCAS’s response to students has caused widespread debates on social media.

“A person who causes a problem should be the one who resolves it; It’s such a huge burden; Look after yourself; Take the exam next year or apply for a branch that doesn’t require test scores.”

Students were understandably outraged.

“These responses seem like they’re not filtered from the brain.”

“Don’t destroy even if you don’t build. The organization’s duty is to hold the examinations and recruit students for admission to universities, to provide measures to ensure that everyone has the right to access the exams and submit scores,” one netizen wrote.

A look at neighbors around Asia shows that it is possible to take the exams in safe conditions. South Korea has taken steps to ensure students can safely take the entrance exams for university. Transparent barriers were installed at all desks while special rooms were provided to students who were in self-isolation.

Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a member of parliament for the Move Forward Party wrote on his account that he will bring this matter to the Committee on Education.


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