Politicians outraged over kindergarten that deduct marks for children that cry during tests

Politicians expressed concern on Friday over news that a kindergarten was lowering the test scores of students who cry during tests.

According to documents released by the school in question, the school said it would take points off from the test scores of kindergarten students who cry during the tests.

Nattawut Buaprathum, the deputy party leader of the Move Forward Party, told Thai Enquirer that the school’s new regulations were a violation of children’s rights.

“Violating isn’t subject to only a direct way. Exploitation without understanding children is also another dimension of violation,” Nattawut said.

“Respecting the rights of children is not just about the law. Everyone should be aware of the basics of child rights.”

He urged that the educational sector will provide the proper guidelines to schools to treat children in a proper way.

“My concern is how this will impact the children in the long run.” Nattawut said.

The school in question did not return or answer calls made by Thai Enquirer.


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