Rejected would-be Casanova fired by luxury hotel after getting his butt kicked by Muay Thai champ

A man who went viral for dousing a woman with water after she rebuffed his advances and then getting his butt kicked by the woman has lost his job at a prestigious local hotel.

A video which shows the aftermath of the incident has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter and has been viewed over a million times.

The incident started when the unnamed man approached Pareploy Saeaia, unbeknownst to him a Muay Thai champion, at a late night eatery.

His advances were rebuffed by Pareploy who seemed extremely uninterested in the man.

Seemingly offended, the man returned and poured a bottle of water over her head in a poorly thought out attempt to salvage his ego. This prompted a quarrel and some quick punches and jabs from the nationally ranked Pareploy.

She then posted the video of the incident on her Facebook account which has since gone viral.

Pareploy said she went to file a report at the police station over the incident but was also fined a thousand baht for a misdemeanor assault.

Local news reported that Police charged both parties in the aftermath of the incident and fined them both 1,000 Thai Baht.

That Pareploy was also fined has prompted outrage in the online sphere.

Swissôtel Bangkok Ratchada, the man’s employer, issued a statement early Wednesday that it had terminated his employment as his behavior was against the values of the hotel.


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