Sri Panwa owner threatens negative reviewer with legal action, lese majeste law

The owner of Sri Panwa resort in Phuket threatened to file a lese-majeste complaint and a lawsuit against a customer who left a negative review about the hotel.

Vorasit was referring to a Facebook user named “Graz Suphawit” who said that she stayed at the hotel between February 13 and 15.

She said she paid for a room which cost 40,000 baht per night but she was not happy with the condition of the room. She said the room was made out of old wood and it was musty.

In response, the owner of the hotel threatened to file charges.

“Fake news again, I will get you with the law and 112,” Vorasit “Plawan” Issara wrote on a now-deleted Instagram post on Wednesday night.

“I know who you are and instead of me going to deal with you myself, I will expose you and you will apologize…or pay millions,” he said.

112 is shorthand for the violation of Section 112 of the Criminal Code, more commonly known as the lese-majeste law.

Graz’ post about the hotel had nothing to do with the royal institution but she also shared a meme that was related to the pro-reform movement.

She also posted on “รีวิวภูเก็ต – กลุ่มปรึกษา แชร์ประสบการณ์ ทริป ทัวร์ ที่พัก Phuket Review” group on Wednesday night with photos of the room.

She said the reason why she decided to write the review was because she does not want other customers to have the same experience of paying a lot of money for an unworthy room.

“Just to remind you keyboard want-to-be gangster out there you are messing with the wrong person…messing with me it’s like messing with China USSR& USA security force working together,” Vorasit said.

This was not the first time that the hotel threatened to sue social media users who were leaving negative reviews of the resort on online platforms.

The hashtag #แบนศรีพันวา (#BanSriPanwa) was trending in September 2020 as a pushback to Vorasit for calling for the arrest of pro-democracy protest leader Panusaya “Rung” Sithijirawattanakul.   

In response, a number of social media users review bombed the resort on online platforms resulting in the threat of lawsuits.

Both Sri Panwa and Charn Issara have yet to comment on Graz’s and Vorasit’s posts at the time of writing.


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