Thailand could see 250 covid-related deaths by May

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Thailand could see up to 250 Covid-19 related deaths per day by May as current deaths surpasses the anticipated ‘worst case’ scenario, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said on Thursday.

“The current number of fatalities is now trending above the worst-case scenario,” said CCSA Assistant Spokeswoman, Dr Sumanee Wacharasint.

“The rising number of deaths must be managed and the most tangible solution is to inoculate people within the vulnerable groups, no matter if it is first, second or third doses,” she said.

This includes people aged 60 and above, people with underlying disease, and pregnant women.

“Currently, the most common underlying disease amongst Covid fatalities that are being reported daily were kidney diseases, heart diseases, stroke, cancer, overweight and terminal illnesses,” Sumanee said.

“Once people age 60 and above and people living with an underlying disease received their second they should wait three months and then come and get their third dose right away to avoid severe illness and death from Covid,” she said.

Thailand reported 22,984 new Covid cases and 74 related deaths on Thursday compared to around 7,422 cases and 12 deaths on February 1.

The death toll on Thursday was the highest this year. But the all time high was on August 18, 2021 when as many as 312 people had lost their lives in a single day.

Out of the 74 fatalities, 54 or 73 per cent were age 60 or above, 16 or 22 per cent had an underlying disease. In terms of vaccination, 40 or 48 per cent were unvaccinated.

Based on the Ministry of Public Health’s latest prediction in the worst-case scenario, the daily number of Covid deaths could reach 250 per day between May 3 and 5 before declining. 

The current trend for the actual number at 74 on Thursday was higher than the worst-case prediction of around 60 fatalities.

Out of 12.7 million people age 60 and above who are living in Thailand, 10.55 or 83 per cent have received their first dose, 9.99 million or 78.7 per cent have received second dose and 3.94 million or 31 per cent have received third doses.


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