Leader of Democrat party apologizes for sexual assault scandal surrounding former deputy

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The leader of the Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit offered a public apology on Monday for the current sexual assault scandal surrounding former deputy party leader Prinn Panichpakdi.

According to several Democrat Party insiders, Jurin was instrumental in bringing Prinn into the party despite concerns raised by several senior party members including former party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva over Prinn’s history including going on trial for rape in the United Kingdom.

Jurin, according to the sources inside the party, insisted that Prinn come in and lead the economic portfolio of the party as part of the Democrat’s attempt to modernize and introduce younger, newer faces.

Jurin offered his unreserved apology on Tuesday and expressed his “deepest regret, I apologize for everything that has happened.”

The deputy prime minister added that he would be setting up an internal party committee to investigate Prinn’s appointment and that he would be resigning from several parliamentary assignments including the panel for gender equality and the panel for national women’s rights.

Jurin added that he had considered resigning from the party but said it was wrong to run from his responsibility.

At least 14 women have now filed charges against former deputy leader Prinn on a range of charges from molestation to rape.

Prinn has denied all accusations and said he would fight the scandal within the justice system. He was released on bail this week.


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