Thaitanium’s new song irks new generation with tone deaf lyrics

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Thai rap group Thaitanium’s new song is facing online disapproval after it was interpreted to criticize newer artists belonging to the pro-democracy movement.

The group’s new song “Por Mung” or “Your Father” was released on May 12 and has more than 820,000 views at the time of writing.

#พ่อมึง trended on Tuesday with the majority of the comments negative.

Many said the song unnecessarily attacked new artists such as the Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD) group and Danupha “Milli” Khanatheerakul even though those artists were not mentioned by name.

Some part of the song that were interpreted as such include, “You are irritating animals, You are all fakes every time you move, You get no love from us.”

Another part said, “There is no need to ask who were the standard that your people have to follow…”

In response to the song, one widely retweeted comment reads “what I can feel from this song is that they do not like kids because they became very good very fast…it sounds like they are jealous.”

Other netizens cheekily said, “I only have one father” or “I’m not your kid”.

Some also said the lyric was irrelevant to what is happening in society right now and some part was outdated, “No one makes songs like this anymore uncle,” one of them wrote.

Though some netizens acknowledged that Thaitanium was one of the rap groups that popularized the genre, they also said the group should be retire or reinvent themselves to address current issues.


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