Criticism of Election Commission goes viral after delayed gubernatorial certification

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The Election Commission was met with viral online criticism on Tuesday ahead of a delayed decision by the body whether or not to certify the election results of the Bangkok gubernatorial race.

#กกตเป็นเหี้ยอะไร (what the **** is wrong with the EC) was trending on Thailand’s social media networks with netizens venting their anger at the EC for delaying their decision.

The EC said in a statement on Monday that they have certified the result of the election for 40 Bangkok councilor seats but they have yet to certify the election result for the governor position.

They said they are investigating the result because of complaints made by serial petitioner Srisuwan Janya who also came under fire from netizens, academics, and politicians who disagreed with his latest petition.

The EC said they are investigating governor-elect Chadchart Sittipunt for allegedly breaking at least two electoral rules, including illegal use of campaign posters by offering them as gifts of recycled bags and attacking the Thai bureaucracy in his campaign speeches.

Chadchart won a landslide victory at the election with more than 1.38 million votes on May 22, way ahead of the next runner-up who received around 200,000 votes.

The EC’s hotline was flooded with calls inquiring about the election result on Monday and Tuesday.

Many netizens that used the hashtag on Tuesday pointed out that all seven members of the EC were appointed by the coup government.

Some netizens also called for a street protest if the EC does not to certify the result.


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