Jaspal aiming to change Thai fashion narrative with scholarship program for design students

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Thai fashion giant Jaspal are aiming to change the narrative around Thai fashion brand with a new scholarship initiative aimed at finding the next great Thai designer.

Thai fashion is exported around the world where they find their way into mass markets and wholesale stores. Thailand’s garment industry also supplies low cost labour to some of the major mass-market labels in Europe and the United States.

But Jaspal wants to change that narrative and build strong Thai brands by injecting much-needed capital and creativity into the fashion industry in Thailand by empowering local, young would-be designers.

“Unlike US and Europe, new Thai clothing labels are sometimes capital-led instead of being design-led which means true talent doesn’t always get a chance and we want to change that,” said Jaspal company executive Khevin Singhsachathet.

“It’s our ultimate goal to have designers come through this program and one day create their own nationally and internationally recognized brands.”

The scholarship program is run in conjunction with some of Thailand’s most prestigious universities including Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, Silapakorn, and Bangkok University. The program will offer a one-year scholarship to design students whose submissions catch the eye of the scholarship committee.

Upon graduation, the scholarship winners will also have the opportunity to continue their career with Jaspal with a one-year mentorship program and follwing that as a designer for the brand.

“What started out as our goal to create a designer’s initiative has transformed into the first university-backed fashion scholarship program. We will not only provide financial support but build inroads for design majors straight into the fashion industry,” Khevin said.


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