Government announces new measures to help citizens cope with rising living costs and stimulate domestic tourism

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The cabinet approved new and extended measures on Tuesday to help lower living costs in response to rising energy prices and stimulate domestic tourism, including the extension of the Rao Tiew Duay Kan scheme.

“The global energy crisis has a potential to continue due to the conflict situation in Europe which will impact the Thai economy in many dimensions,” Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said at a press briefing after the cabinet meeting.

“Global energy prices continue to increase…and inflation is at a high level worldwide while living and production costs are rising.”

“The cabinet has decided today to introduce both new, and extend old measures, to immediately help people and businesses cope with expected impacts,” he said.

List of new and extended measures: 

  • Maintaining the retail price of NGV gas at 15.59 baht per kilogram. Taxi drivers that join a government subsidy scheme called “Lom Hai Jai Deaw Kun” will be able to buy gas at the price of 13.62 baht per kilogram until September 15.  
  • A cap on the retail prices of LPG tanks at 408 baht per tank between July and September. Additionally, around 5,500 street vendors with state welfare cards will receive a 100 baht discount until the end of September.
  • The government will offer 100 baht per month to 3.6 million low-income earners with state welfare cards.
  • A 50 per cent subsidy for expenses on diesel that went above the ceiling price of 35 baht per litre.
  • Asking refineries to contribute more to the Oil Fuel Fund. The energy ministry said on Tuesday that it is asking six refineries to contribute an extra 21 billion baht to the fund between July and September.
  • Give 250 baht per month to 157,000 registered public motorcycles to counter rising gasohol prices until the end of September.
  • Asking people to save energy by supporting related public and private measures.
  • A measure to stimulate MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) tourism. The measure will allow private companies to use expenses for arranging meetings or exhibitions for tax reduction between July 15 and December 31.

The cabinet also decided to extend the fourth phase of the “Rao Tiew Duay Kan” (We Travel Together) domestic tourism promotion scheme.

Another 1.5 million Thai nationals aged 18 or over will be able to register with the scheme to receive discounts on airfare and room rate and free food coupons. Successful registrants can make use of the benefits until the end of October.


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