Rise in severe cases coincides with waning immunities, doctor warns

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Thailand has seen a rise in severe Covid-19 cases as the country relaxes most of its lockdown and prevention measures in a bid to open up the country. A senior doctor told Thai Enquirer on Friday that waning immunities may be partly to blame and encouraged most Thais to seek booster shots.

Thailand found 2,354 new cases on Friday and 16 fatalities but a senior doctor at Siriraj Hospital warned that the number of hospitalizations was increasing from a month ago.

“We’re seeing lower case numbers but more severe cases,” the doctor said on condition of anonymity citing sensitivity. “That means the number of hospitalizations has gone up even though numbers are down.”

This means, according to the doctor, that immunity from vaccines could be waning and people are not following up with booster shots.

“Most people got their second or third jabs in January when Omicron really hit Thailand. The six month immunity window is now coming to an end and the efficacy of vaccine is waning,” he said.

“For most young and fit people that is okay but for those at risk or in older age groups, they should start seeking new booster shots.”

The doctor said it was doubly important to seek booster shots as new strains of the virus were being discovered and that more tourists will come to Thailand with minimum checks.

“These strains will get here and get here faster because the restrictions are gone so that is even more incentive to get a booster.”


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