Thaksin says pro-democracy parties will win outright majority in next election

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The incumbent government can continue to do whatever it wants to do in order to tweak the possible outcome of the upcoming elections but one thing is assured that the pro-democracy parties are likely to prevail with an absolute majority, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said in a late night talk on social media Tuesday.

The statement by the self-exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin came after reports emerged that the government of 2014 coup leader Prayut Chan-o-cha, has decided to change its mind to support the move to calculate the party list MP calculation by dividing the votes by 500 instead of 100 that was previously agreed upon by all major political parties.

“They can try whatever means they want but rest assured that the Democratic Front will get no less than 300 seats,” Thaksin said during the late night Clubhouse talk.

Thaksin, who was at his residence in Dubai (UAE), said that if the calculation is undertaken under 500 seats then Move Forward will get more seats, while if the previously agreed and approved 100 seats calculation prevails then the Pheu Thai will get high number of party list seats.

Smaller parties with 1-10 seats in the parliament managed to get their way into being MP in the 2019 elections after calculation methods were tweaked and even parties with less than 40,000 votes managed to get an MP seat. This has left the parliament with nearly 2 dozen small parties that are ‘horse trading’ or as Thais call ‘gifting bananas’.

“He is also trying to please the smaller parties to vote for him and his government in the upcoming no-confidence debate by going for the 500 seats calculation,” Thaksin said adding that the fear of toppling the Prayut administration by the drug dealing convict – Thammanat Prompao, was real and that Prayut was feeling the heat.

Bangkok Model

Thaksin during the question-and-answer session came out to say that the shenanigans being undertaken by the Prayut government could possibly lead to ‘Bangkok Model’ of landslide.

“I want to warn the government that the people could rebel and undertake the Bangkok Model,” he said in reference to the landslide win by incumbent Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, who was elected with more than 50% of the votes cast on the May 22nd elections for the city governorship.

Political pundits have come out to warn similarly that pushing the people to the wall could create such scenario with many political commentators coming out to state that such a scenario was plausible because of the plummeting popularity of the Prayut administration. Although they came out to say that elections were months away so the situation could change and Prayut could be able to win back some of his lost ratings.

Air Strikes

Thaksin, who has always had close relationships with Myanmar and was one of the key people to help try convincing the world of ‘constructive engagement’ policy rather than sanctions before Myanmar had turned to democratic rule for a few years, said that the incursion of the MIG-29 into the Thai airspace was totally unacceptable behavior.

“The least that Don (Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai) should do is to lodge a formal protest with Myanmar and call their ambassador to Thailand to tell them that this kind of act is unacceptable,” Thaksin said.

“It is also unacceptable at many levels beyond this because it is a violation of Human Rights to kill your own people and the government in Myanmar could be tried in the World Court for this, and Thailand being the bigger brother of the region should stand up to protect Human Rights.”

Thaksin also warned that the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) that is to be held from November 17-19 in Bangkok, would not have a ‘Bangkok Declaration’ because Thailand is not done enough to get things off the ground for this event.

“I can tell you that there would be no ‘Bangkok Declaration’ after the event,” he said.

By Pichayapa Phiwphong


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