Cost of living higher than minimum wage, says commerce ministry

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The Ministry of Commerce’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office has come out to say that the minimum cost of living in the city stood at 18,088 baht against the current minimum salary of a graduate of 15,000 baht/month.

The Ministry of Commerce’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office said that the survey it had undertaken in the month of June, showed that the average household spending per month stood at 18,088 baht.

This is a far cry from the minimum wage for a new graduate that currently stands at mere 15,000 baht per month, while the promise by the 2014 coup leader Prayut Chan-o-cha to raise the minimum wages for new graduates to 20,000 during its 2019 election campaign, remains unfulfilled.

The Ministry of Commerce’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office said that the expenses consisted of

  • 239 baht per month for cigarettes, alcohol, and beer
  • 370 baht per month for eggs and dairy products
  • 375 baht per month for clothing, apparel, and shoes,
  • 386 per month for non-alcoholic beverages.

The expenses for

  • 438 baht per month for food ingredients
  • 655 baht per month for rice, flour, and flour products
  • 758 baht per month for books, recreation, tuition, and charity fees
  • 918 baht per month for fruits and vegetables
  • 967 baht per month and for doctor’s fees, medicine and personal service fees

The expenses for eating out (street food), the cooked-to-order dish, the likes of KFC, and pizza were 1,214 baht per month and 1,585 baht per month for the delivering food.

The cost of meats, ducks, chickens, and aquatic animals per month was 1,752 baht, the cost of house rent, construction materials, electricity, cooking gas, and home appliances per month was at 3,955 baht, and the cost of public transportation, vehicle purchase, fuel, and phone service fees per month was 4,477 baht.

As for the proportion of household consumption is separated into 59.55% for non-food and alcoholic drinks, and 40.45% for food and non-alcoholic drinks.


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