AIS teams up with cyber-cops to arrest scammers and bust call centre gangs at 8 raids in Bangkok

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After the 1185 AIS Spam Report Center was opened in collaboration with NBTC, Royal Thai Police and the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) or cyber-police, AIS received many complaints from customers.

The company also investigated incoming data, including phone numbers and SMS. If scammers were discovered, the information was forwarded to the cyber-police, the agency directly tasked with investigating cyber-crime.

At latest, security forces have successfully arrested a group of cyber criminals behind the so-called “call center gangs” preying on the general public. These will now face prosecution to the full extent of the law.

It is an exemplary case of efficient cooperation between state agencies and private companies to protect customers and the general public from scammers.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer of AIS noted, “The issue of scammers abusing the public telephone network has been a source of stress, nuisance and loss, of both property and personal data. This threat has been steadily increasing.

As a provider of digital services with a paramount priority to protect customers’ data and their safe use of the network, AIS has collaborated with state bodies such as NBTC and law-enforcement agencies such as Royal Thai Police and the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) since April, through the 1185 AIS Spam Report Center.

This is on top of rolling out digital services with the specific aim to prevent cyber-threats. Services such as AIS Secure Net and Google Family Link have been able to keep cell-phone users safe from spam, phishing and viruses.

“Today, law enforcement agencies were able to quickly arrest a group of scammers behind call center gangs, which is the result of good cooperation and seamless connections between state agencies and the private sector. AIS is delighted to support and work with government bodies to protect customers and the general public from these scammers, who will now face prosecution under the law.”

Pol Lt Gen Kornchai Klaiklung, Commissioner of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, commented, “We have been collecting pertinent documentary evidence, alongside key information from complaints through AIS’ 1185 Spam Report Center.

We have been working continually with AIS, which has improved our processes to be more efficient, accurate and rapid. This group of scammers pretend to inform people that they have unpaid traffic fines, or have sent parcels illegally, which require a cash transfer payment, or a cash transfer for the purposes of verification.

The victim may be tricked into transferring cash to the scammers and then realise they have been duped, so they can file a complaint with the police online at as well as complaining through the 1185 AIS Spam Report Center.

Investigation and analysis of data in the online complaints system discovered that in such a case, there are connections to many more victims, of what is believed to be the same gang of scammers.

Detectives therefore conduct their investigations in collaboration with AIS technical expert to find further clues. Eventually we learn the identity of the criminals and their location, which is the scene of the crime.”

Officers from the CCIB then worked with relevant agencies to obtain search warrants and jointly conduct police raids at 8 different locations in Bangkok, in the districts of Bangna, Huay Khwang and Lad Prao.

As a result, police were able to arrest Mr Suchart Chae-jai, the subject of an arrest warrant, on charges of conspiracy to defraud the public, pursuant to the Criminal Code Sections 343 and 83.

This charge bears a penalty of imprisonment for not more than five years and a fine not exceeding 100,000 THB, or both a fine and imprisonment.

The man also faced a charge of putting false information in a computer system with the intention to cause damage to the public, pursuant to the Computer Crimes Act 2017, Section 14(1), which also carries penalties of imprisonment for not more than five years and a fine not exceeding 100,000 THB, or both a fine and imprisonment.

Another three suspects were also arrested and evidence seized of 43 IP PBX devices, 30 wireless routers, among other evidence including bank books and mobile phones. The suspects and the evidence were brought to CCIB detectives for prosecution and additional investigation of other persons involved with this scam.

The 1185 AIS Spam Report Center is a hotline taking complaints from AIS customers in the case of scammers making nuisance calls, or receiving SMS Spam.

The service is free of charge over an IVR Self-service and AI Chatbot system to give data about telephone numbers or SMS messages suspected to be the work of scammers. AIS investigates the origin of such messages, including the status and format of that number’s registration, which clearly indicates whether the number or the SMS originates from scammers.

Action is then taken to block that number or SMS immediately, and respond to the customer within 72 hours.

The operations of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) and AIS are closely coordinated and proactive in enforcing the law. They have been arresting wrongdoers on a continuous basis with concrete results, bringing justice to the people who have been affected.



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