Thailand to consider interim measures to prevent Covid spread

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The meeting of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) today could consider some interim measures to prevent the wildfire spread of the Covid-19 virus after the country’s infection rates has been on a steep increase prompting many to question the official figures that are being released.

The surge in infection has prompted many schools to give a longer breaks in order to stem the outbreak and some have even opted to go back to online classes.

With official numbers as of this morning being at a mere 2,144 new cases that was announced by the Ministry of Public Health Ministry, Thailand is now facing a critical time yet again.

The Deputy Minister of the Public Health Ministry, Satit Pitutacha yesterday admitted that he ‘believes’ the real figure of infected people must be higher than the ones being announced because the official announcement only counts the RT-PCR and registered ATK. 

Even though the claim has not been confirmed directly, one thing that is assured is the rise of this pandemic outbreak has caused significant trouble in the educational field.

Schools Shut Down

Thailand is now 2 months into the opening of their term and over the past few days, many schools have decided to close down again, but only temporarily.

On July 6, the Bangkok Christian College put out a briefing on its study method from July 11-19 due to the Covid-19 situation within. By far, over 700 students and school personnel combined are infected. 

The statement read out that there was an effort to shut down classes with over 10% infection, and though the results were quite satisfying, the rapidly growing number of infections is concerning.

Shortly after the Bangkok Christian College released its online study announcement, the Patumwan Demonstration School, on July 7, also sent out its briefing. To the rising case of Covid-19, the school will be closed from July 8-12, then reopen on July 18.

On the same day, Kasetsart University Sathit School Center for Educational Research and Development announced that the school will to switch from the onsite study to online. The paper stated that the online study will take place from July 11-12, and on July 18, the school will switch back to the onsite study, thereafter.

This morning, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Health revealed to the press that there is no Covid-19 measures adjustment, and for the spread among schools he said that the Ministry has monitored and instructed the schools already. 

“I personally think it is a normal circumstance, and most kids have mild symptoms,” he said. And for the likes of school closure policy, the Minister said that that will be awaited until there is a meeting.

Mandatory Mask

The rules relating to mandatory mask wearing has been eased up since July 1 and call are getting louder to bring it back on as the number of infections in the country surges.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Prasit Watanapa, dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, has pointed out that it would not take too long before BA.4 and BA.5 become the main strain of Covid-19 spreading. 

Since the infection rate is climbing, Prasit, therefore, suggested the government must go back to serious prevention measures, especially on the mask mandatory front. The regulations to wear masks in closed areas will help prevent the infection, and the MoPH should purpose that in the meeting, he claimed.

The meeting of CCSA today is expected to consider measures that needs to be put in place with 2014 coup leader and current Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, looking to chair the meeting.


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