Brokers recommend investors to look at key dividend paying stocks on SET as earnings remain stable

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As markets continue to slide downward, brokers are starting to recommend investors to take advantage of the upcoming earnings and possible dividend payout announcements to accumulated stocks that would likely beat the deposit rates being offered by the commercial banks.

Listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) are starting to report their earnings for their 2nd quarter operations and a lot of the companies are likely to report healthy profits and possibly undertake interim dividends for their 1st half operations.

Despite the possibility of a recession on the horizon, companies are still reporting healthier profits than those seen by these companies during the same period of 6-months of 2021.

Brokers has come out to offer their views on which of these companies could be offering the highest dividend yields and what are the best stocks to make some quick bucks ahead of these companies making their announcements.

Although the most companies are yet to make the announcement on what their quarterly profits for the 2nd quarter would be, brokers are already looking at possible payouts that these companies would undertake.

Bualuang Securities has put 25 stocks as its top pick for dividend payouts for the 6-months operations ending June 2022. The highest dividend yield looks to be from Regional Container Lines Plc (RCL), the company that operates shipping containers and ships, but has seen its share price decline over the past few weeks amid fears of global economic activities.

Bualuang estimates that RCL will pay an interim dividend of as much as 10.6% or 3.70 Baht/share. Shares of RCL last traded at 35.25 Baht/share.

The 2nd is another shipping company – Precious Shipping Plc (PSL) that is expected to pay dividend yield of as much as 5.5% after the company paid 0.50 Baht in Q1, 2022.

Bualuang’s expected H1 Dividend Payout

As for the entire year, Bualuang estimates that RCL and PSL will continue to lead with highest payout in the market.

Bualuang’s expected dividend payouts for entire 2022

Tisco Securities on the other hand has put BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund (BTSGIF) as one that is likely to offer the best dividend yield of as much as 12.8% for this year and up to 15% in 2023. The 2nd most attractive dividend yield that could be delivered this year according to Tisco is from Prosect Logistics & Industrial Freehold & Leasehold Real Estate Investment Fund (PROSPECT), which would offer up to 10.5% yield this year and 10% in 2023.

Tisco Securities’ FY 2022 top picks for dividend yield

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