ZIPMEX investors gather to file complaint with Thai authorities

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After having their investment assets frozen the crypto exchange platform – Zipmex, investors gathered at the Government Complex to file their grievance with the authorities to demand the platform be responsible for what happened.

A group of investors turned up at the Government Complex at 10:00 hrs. on Monday, after the victims set up a LINE chat application group to gather as many investors who have been impacted as possible.

The move to get together and file a complaint comes despite the assurance from Zipmex that they continue to do all they can in order to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

Zipmex’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Akalarp Yimwilai, has been coming out on social media to assure investors that the cause of this unfortunate incident was the Zipmex global in Singapore, saying that it is in the middle of a ‘liquidity crisis.

Thai Enquirer had the opportunity to speak with one of the key members of the Zipmex victim team. The source said the group had been in constant contact until becoming an event today.

“As everyone knows, Zipmex is certified by the SEC, and Zipmex emphasizes this all the time, which the SEC is strictly forbidden from using customer assets for profit or earning.”, the source told when asked why the victim decided to invest in such risky asset.

The victim also added that most people who invest in Zipmex think that their deposit is very secure compared to other exchanges.

When asked if the platform had given normal returns before, the informant confirmed that there was a real return on a daily basis. “Yes, there was a daily yield which the interest earned will be approximately 1.5%-10% per year, depending on the level that the customer deposits and also on the coin.”

In addition, the source told that the one with the highest yield is ZMT, a Zipmex token on the ERC-20 ZMT system which gives the investors a wide range of benefits including higher ZipUp+ program bonus rates, exclusive rewards, and discounts from leading merchants.

When asked, at this point, how confident are the victims to get back the money that is still pending on the platform, the victim said that they do believe that Zipmex is also trying to find a solution, however, legal action is necessary, “We still believe that Zipmex is probably trying to fix this as well, but our protest is to ensure that we can get 100% of our assets back.”

The victims are ready to take on the next step of taking the company to court, if there is no resolution that is found soon.

The victims said that they would rather wait and see the attitude of Zipmex first and that that will be a representative from the company to talk to the group of victims, but the details will remain closed for now.

“If Zipmex does not make any progress on the case, we are ready to take the next step immediately,” the source said.

The source said that there are as many as 700 people who have been impacted from the freezing of the assets by Zipmex.


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