PPRP contemplating on taking legal action against former Election Commissioner Somchai for allegations

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The coalition leader led by Phalang Pracharath party (PPRP) has come out to say that statements by Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, the chairman of the policy strategy of the Thai Liberal Party, against Deputy Prime Minister – Prawit Wongsuwon, that Gen. Prawit was behind the calls made to MPs to not attend the parliamentary meeting, is likely to land the former Election Commissioner Somchai with a lawsuit.

Sources close to General Prawit who is also the leader of the Palang Pracharath Party, revealed that the party’s legal department is now preparing to prosecute Somchai, who claimed that Gen. Prawit was connected to the parliament meeting lack of quorum.

Somchai came out to deny making such statement and that the PPRP may have made a mistake in trying to pin this issue on to him.

“There must be some kind of mistake that the party is making as I did not make such statement and even I can’t find the information they are saying I made,” Somchai told Thai Enquirer.

Previously, Somchai, a former Election Commissioner, has repeatedly come out to give an interview on the dispute over the formula for calculating party-list MPs, reiterating that he and the Thai Liberal Party (Seri Ruam Thai party) support the use of the 500-division system.

Most recently, he expressed his opinion in the manner that Gen. Prawit ordered the PPRP’s MPs not to attend the parliamentary meeting so that the quorum could not be reached and the intention to consider the draft bill on the calculating method must be overthrown and return to the 100-division formula as proposed by the government side earlier.

From the aforementioned allusion, PPRP responded that what Somchai said was not true and all false information, adding that Gen. Prawit never interfered and never gave any orders to the party members because their duties in the House of Representatives are the privileges of each member of the parliament.

The PPRP has concluded that the legal department will now decisively prosecute Somchai under the Computer-related Crime Act for importing false information into a computer system.

In doing so, the party claimed that so similar cases as Somchai’s will not happen again in the future.


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