Thai passport lags behind competitor nations; what is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs doing?

The Henley Passport Index has once again released its ranking of powerful passports from around the world based on metrics such as how many countries one can travel to visa free.

Once again Thailand ranks far behind regional competitor nations despite sharing similar demographics and income.

Here is the top ten.

More interestingly, here is the top fifteen.

That’s right. That means countries with comparable GDPs, population sizes, purchasing power, and share of the global trade have much stronger passports than us. Countries like Malaysia, Chile, Bulgaria, are all afforded the luxury of free travel to the Schengen Zone, the UK, and the United States with little to no hassle.

So where does that leave us?

Well we are in 65th place behind China, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia and just above Namibia and Lesotho.

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs have already said their mission in life is not to make enemies and be friends to everyone. Apparently they can’t even do that right.

Someone call the MFA help center and ask them if they are not going to forge ahead with strong foreign policies and they’re certainly not brokering anything massive for the country, they why the hell are we giving them any tax money to do anything. At least when the Navy says they want to overspend on a submarine, we actually get a submarine.

Maybe it’s time we just dissolve the MFA and fold the useless people over there into the separate ministries like commerce and defense since they don’t seem to be doing much except going on expensive trips.


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