Photo Essay: MFP in Nakhon Pathom

The Move Forward Party held a rally in Nakhon Pathom yesterday.

Among the speakers were the Leader of the Progressive Movement, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit; Deputy Party Leader Sirikanya Tansakul; Former Party Spokesperson Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn; and Former MP Amarat Chokepamitkul.

The party aims to secure more than 100 parliamentary seats out of a possible 500 in the upcoming general election on May 14.

This is compared to the 81 seats received by its predecessor, the now-dissolved Future Forward Party, in the previous election in 2019.

Over the past month, the party has employed a campaign strategy of spreading out their rallies through election caravans across various provinces. Nakhon Pathom was one of their last stops.

Today, the party, along with seven other parties, is holding major rallies in Bangkok and surrounding provinces, with the election just two days away.

Photos via Kan Sangtong and Additional Report by Erich Parpart


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