An open letter to the Move Forward Party

Dear Move Forward Party,

Congratulations on your success in this election. You now carry with you the weight and expectation of your supporters and the burden of representing the whole country. Your success has been built upon ideals and believing in the democratic process. Long may this continue. 

On that note, I would like to ask the MFP for just one thing. Patience. 

There is going to be a lot of temptations to create, join, and manage various types of coalitions in the weeks ahead. But there is no pressure, literally none from your supporters, to join with the devil just to form a government that doesn’t truly bring change. 

The conservative establishment are going to try and cheat you. They are going to try to play with the rigged senate, talk about a minority government, tempt Pheu Thai into a Faustian bargain. Let them. Let them play around with all their various machinations because time and history are on your side. 

There is no rush to form a government if it means siding with the devil

If Pheu Thai chooses to play those games, then they will be done as a party. Don’t go that route. If every other party chooses to play the political game and form a government to keep you in the opposition, then take pride in being that opposition. 

Because it means when it comes time for the next election, you will win with an outright majority and govern with a full mandate. 

This is not to rain on your parade. You should be proud of your accomplishments. We certainly are. But know also that the road to true change is long and it is not worth compromising your ideals just to take a short cut. 

Sincerely yours 

One Move Forward voter. 


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