Opinion: ChatGPT won’t take away my job even if it tried

The other day my friend texted me and asked what I thought the future of working would be like for the next generation of fresh-grads considering there are so many AI tools now.

As a writer, I get asked this question about at least once a day. Fair. You guys want to know if I’m afraid of being put out of writing jobs. And the answer is, “lol no”.

Full disclosure, I use ChatGPT. But I use it as an assistance tool. Instead of asking it to write an entire article for me. A job interview I had recently also asked me how I felt about ChatGPT. To that I said, “If any company still relies solely on ChatGPT, they’d better take a hard look at themselves in the mirror,” Because if you think that’s already good enough?! Man… I’d feel bad for everyone. I got the job, by the way, in case you were wondering.

At the end of the day, these AI tools would still need a human touch—for now anyways, I don’t know where technology is going in the future. The result is still based solely on what you command it to do, or how you command it to do something.

Another thing is, only people who aren’t writers seem to think that ChatGPT will replace writers. As a professional writer of almost 10 years, I can spot a ChatGPT caption from miles away.

There is only a certain amount of vocabulary that it uses… “Unlock”, “Unleash”, “Captivating”, or “Enchantment”.

For example, just to prove a point, I asked it to write me an Instagram caption about taking a holiday in Thailand. This is what it gave me:

“Unveiling the vibrant colors of Thailand’s paradise. From golden temples to turquoise waters, this holiday has taken me on an unforgettable journey of bliss and cultural enchantment. #ThailandGetaway #Wanderlust”

Or, “Unleash the Unexpected at Unseen New Chapters – discover captivating experiences beyond imagination.” – I copied this from an actual post of a tourism board of a certain country’s Instagram, by the way. It’s just so obvious.

If you think this is good enough, you’re obviously not a writer. Where is the personal touch in this? Where are the actual details? All it did was throw a bunch of random beautiful words together to form a sentence.

As a writer, I can tell you that I use ChatGPT EVERY DAY. I’m totally not against it at all, in fact, I love how much time it can save me. I love how sometimes when I feel stuck without any ideas, I can ask it to give me a little something to start working from.

It’s a great assistance tool to help you. Not a tool to do your job for you (although if AI wants my job so much it can honestly just have it, like please take it so I can go chill.)

To summarise, I think only people who aren’t good enough at what they do will fear that ChatGPT will put them out of jobs. No offence.

Because the ones who do something professionally will know exactly how much more is required to create it. The creativity, the emotional connection, or the contextual understanding that humans can bring to the table.

Moving forward, I think we can and should embrace it as a powerful tool that can take our creativity or productivity to the next level, and should develop humans alongside all these AIs. It’s just a good reminder for me that I shouldn’t stop learning or improving.


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