Bangchak Corporation’s Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation Earns Environmental Recognition for Pioneering Low-Carbon Initiatives and Circular Economy Projects

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Bangchak Corporation’s Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation (Leaf For Happiness Foundation) has been recognized as a “LESS: Low Emission Support Scheme” by the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network.

The certificate was obtained through a campaign encouraging various stakeholders, including employees, customers, schools around Bangchak oil refineries in Phra Khanong, and schools within the Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation network, to reduce waste. This effort was carried out through two major projects: the Ruk Pun Suk Junior (Love, Share, Happy Junior) project and the project to collect boxes for building homes for the Friends in Needs (of “PA”) Volunteers Foundation.

Together, these two projects have successfully collected nearly 10 tons of waste, reintegrating it into the system through the Circular Economy concept. As a result, this initiative has contributed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by over 41 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Gloyta Nathalang, Acting Senior Executive Vice President of Sustainability Management and Corporate Communications, as well as a board member of Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation, emphasized Bangchak’s commitment to environmental advocacy. This commitment involves raising awareness about climate change and resource usage through collaboration with partners such as SCG Chemicals (SCGC) and Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited. She highlighted that the certificate acknowledges the company’s efforts in creating a low-carbon society, implementing Circular Economy principles, and instilling environmental protection awareness in youths.

Gloyta further pointed out that executives from the Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation and its partners recently visited Wat Soi Thong School in Bang Sue District, one of the foundation’s network schools actively participating in the Ruk Pun Suk Junior project since 2021. The school has consistently implemented various environmental projects for two consecutive years, earning recognition as a model school for waste management in Bang Sue District and Bangkok.

Wirut Kraran, the school director, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to partake in the Ruk Pun Suk Junior project. He said the school received support in knowledge training, learning materials on systematic waste management, and initial funds for waste management. This support has facilitated a cleaner environment at the school, instilling good behavior in everyone and fostering environmental consciousness. The school has also expanded its learning stations, and this recognition for waste management further validates their efforts.

The “Ruk Pun Suk Junior” project, initiated by Bangchak and SCGC in 2021 as a waste management model in schools and communities following Circular Economy principles, involved 17 schools within the Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation network. From May 2021 to July 2022, these schools managed to handle 9,060 kilograms of waste, resulting in a reduction of 39.2 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Additionally, the project with Tetra Pak, involving the collection of beverage cartons at six Bangchak service stations, Bangchak’s main offices in Phra Khanong, two distribution centers, and seven schools around its refinery in the district, managed 715 kilograms of waste and reduced 2.3 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent between January and August 2022.

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