Poetry: “Float”

by Eunice Barbara Novio


I am looking at the blue sky
trying to remember the hues
when light reflected on your iris,
if those were blue or deep green,
like the Aegean and Dover.

We sat down one day,
in a corner coffee shop,
finding words to say, to appease
ourselves that the oceans never separate

we would let our passion flow,
floating, across the waters,
neither reaching the shore,
nor finding the edge

it is only the black firmament,
once filled to the brim
now empty.

Eunice Barbara C. Novio is a lecturer at Vongchavalitkul University in Nakhon Ratchasima since 2014 and an adjunct professor at St. Robert’s Global Education-Philippine Christian University in Pratunam, Bangkok since 2017.

Her first book of poetry ‘O, Matter’ was published on February 8.


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