Thailand cracks Pornhub’s top twenty list despite government efforts

Thailand’s finally made its long awaited debut on Pornhub’s Top Twenty Countries by Traffic’s list in 2019, rising six spots to claim seventeenth place.

That places Thailand above Russia but underneath India and the Ukraine, on the list compiled annually by Pornhub.

Bangkok faired slightly better than the country, placing tenth on Pornhub’s Top 20 Cities list. It was also the city that spend the second most amount of time on the website per visit behind only Seoul, South Korea.

More interestingly, Bangkok had a greater number of female visitors than anywhere in the world with 31 per cent of Pornhub visitors identifying as female.

The numbers from Thailand are even more impressive when you consider that pornography is officially banned by the government, which has in the past cited the medium as damaging to national morality.

(Picture and Statistics Courtesy of Pornhub. We will not be linking to them but it should be easy enough to find)


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