Campus protests attract wider public as anti-government sentiment grows

University campus protests against the Thai government continued to grow on Saturday as a massive rally was held at Kasetsart University in Bangkok.

At least 2,000 people attended the rally, with most hearing about the event through social media or through word of mouth.

Unlike previous protests over the past week, the rally was not limited to students but drew many Bangkokians who had become disillusioned with the Prayut Chan-ocha government.

“I am already in my 30s but I wanted to come to protest with the kids because my university, ABAC, was not very active,” said a protester who identified himself as Tongtang.

“Look around, it’s not just students, this is a citizens’ protest,” he told Thai Enquirer.

Prayut’s government had passed unscathed through a censure debate on Friday but the protesters say that the government had rigged the system and that Thailand was going further away from a true democracy.

Rallies on college campuses sprung up spontaneously throughout the country against the government with many calling for the government to step down.

“Long live democracy” has become a rallying cry for the students and protesters with many expressing their support for the defunct Future Forward Party, which was dissolved by the Constitutional Court in a decision that protesters say was politically motivated.

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