“Our leader is stupid, we’re all going to die” trends online in Thailand

The hashtag #ผู้นําโง่เราจะตายกันหมด (#OurLeaderIsStupidWereAllGoingtoDie) was trending late Sunday night and early Monday morning on social media as Thai netizens used a politician’s faux pas to criticize the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The hashtag stemmed from an ill-advised social media post by Palang Pracharath MP Satra Sripan on his Facebook.

Satra had shared a post by an anonymous web goer titled “The citizens are stupid, we’re all going to die.”

Thais on both sides of the political divide quickly criticized and condemned the MP from Songkhla, prompting a quick apology.

However, the damage was done and the hashtag took off on Thai twitter with people using the #ผู้นําโง่เราจะตายกันหมด to criticize not only Satra but Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul as well. Most of the criticisms revolved around Thailand’s poor and muddled response to the Covid-19 outbreak.


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