Announcing COVID Bangkok Aid: initiative to help and support to the elderly and most at risk amid COVID-19 pandemic

Imagine being 80 living alone or having no family during this social isolation period, it would be terrifying to go outside to do mundane things like running a simple errand or buying supplies. The risk is too high. For people over the age of 80+, the COVID-19 fatality rate is 14.8% which is 74 times higher than someone at the age of 30-39.

As multiple news and health outlets have described, the best way to stay healthy is to limit exposure to people who might be sick. As businesses throughout the country close their doors, many residents are already practicing social distancing. The most vulnerable to this virus are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. 

Hidden in tragedy is when we discover some of humanity’s kindest moments. Volunteers in Bangkok are organizing to help this vulnerable group during the COVID-19 outbreak. This week a Facebook group COVID AID BANGKOK launched and aims to rally healthy Bangkok residents who are interested in helping protect elderly and disabled people that need to stay at home. 

The main focus of COVID AID BANGKOK is to find volunteers to help deliver groceries or medication to those who should not be leaving their homes. It is a simple act but one that will undoubtedly protect and in community.

Volunteer trips and deliveries already began this week. So far all requests have been for the most basic of supplies like canned foods, toilet paper, rice and instant noodles which can be found in 7Eleven. All volunteers have been matched with a person in need only a few minutes walk from their own homes. As safety is crucial, volunteers are sure to handle items carefully so as to not accidentally contaminate them and the bags are dropped-off at the outside of the person’s door. Payments are in cash or bank transfer.

Please consider following and sharing COVID AID BANGKOK to expand the reach of this network. Signing-up with not require anyone to volunteer, it just helps build the network to share resources. If you know of an elderly or sick person who might need groceries or medications delivered, or just a friendly call, please message the Admins of COVID AID BANGKOK or contact via LINE app directly. 

In this difficult time we ask that everyone act with compassion and respect. We are all stronger when we work together.


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