Social isolation and distancing is forcing us to rediscover and appreciate the world

The coronavirus pandemic and social isolation can be overwhelming to many.

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is that none of us know when the situation will end and what we can plan for.

And as we start getting used to the routine of living at home, social distancing and not doing the things we were used to doing, a sense of melancholy might sweep in.

But the pandemic also presents an opportunity. To some, we now have more time to shift away from our usual daily demands and focus on the here and now. As we are now forced to live differently, we are also forced to see things a little differently.

At Thai Enquirer, we asked some of our friends to send us what social isolation has done for them and how they have seen the world differently.

Don’t forget to tweet us @ThaiEnquirer or tag us on Instagram to show us what social isolation looks like for you!

“Random, beautiful trees that have grown in my backyard and I have never noticed. I never noticed they were this pretty..” – Patcharapak Vidhayasarana, Bangkok, Thailand

“Watching this human grow! :O” – Krittiya Wangudom, Bangkok, Thailand

“Having time to do the things I love.” – Porntida Tanjitpiyanond, Brisbane, Australia

“Flowers blooming at Descanso Gardens!” – Nadia Maneechote, Los Angeles, California

“Taking photos of the moon whenever I have the chance. It sounds pretty cheesy, but even if it changes its appearance every night, it’s still the same round moon floating in space — what we see is only the parts lit up by the Sun. The moon phases remind me that we are one thing but we’re also tons of different things at the same time.” – Tern Taweesak, Bangkok, Thailand.

“He’s annoying but we love each other and I am glad I have him. His name is Boomer and I haven’t had to tell him ‘Ok Boomer’ yet. Literally and figuratively, he’s constantly trying to sit on my face.” – Quiana Le’Re Dickinson, Boston, Massachusetts.

“I looked at my phone and realized I took loads of photos of objects I loved at Thailand National Musuem… and never did anything with them. So I’m taking this time to draw one object a day, to look closer and engage with them properly.” – Oat Montien, Bangkok, Thailand.

“Beautiful flowers everywhere in Sacramento. Spring has finally sprung!” – Marisa Marchitelli, Sacramento, California.

“Getting free vaccines for my seven cats, offered by Pakkret Municipality. Lucky I stayed home that day. But then me too, I need some vaccines. Life is so ironic!” – Banthun Ratmanee, Bangkok, Thailand

“Getting to spend more time with this one and reading on the sofa whenever we want!” – Roger Tang, Brisbane, Australia.

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