About Us

Thai Enquirer is a new media website focused on Thailand and the region. At TE, we intend to provide a mixture of in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, as well as highlights of fiction, pros, poetry, and humour. As an online-only news portal, TE will be featured on a variety of online platforms including live streams, podcasts, and social media.

We feel at TE that there is a need in Thailand for a news outlet that is independent, fair-minded, fearless, and most importantly inquisitive.

We will strive to be all of those things and more. We feel at TE that a free and fair media must do its part in society to report on, scrutinise, and hopefully keep totalitarian ideas and ignorance at bay while also creating room for constructive dialogue. And while the word ‘Thai’ is in our masthead, spoken in our newsroom, and a key part of our identity, we will not limit ourselves to coverage of just Thailand.

We will cover issues and interests inside the Kingdom, as well as in the broader region and the wider world, where we feel it necessary, prudent, or when a story demands telling.