Gian Chansrichawla

Gian Chansrichawla is a writer and journalist based in Bangkok. He is the South East Asia Editor at Footbal Tribe.

OPINION: The case for universal basic income during the coronavirus crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has paralysed the Thai economy and left the government staring down the barrel at two major economic challenges...

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Thailand confirms 120 new coronavirus patients, two new fatalities

Thailand confirmed 120 new coronavirus patients on Wednesday bringing the total number of cases in the country to 1,771 confirmed.

US freezes overseas aid after Pence team finds out about coronavirus aid shipment to Thailand

The Trump administration has frozen all its overseas coronavirus aid after officials discovered that it was sending protective gear to Thailand, according...

Market Watch: Back in the red amid oil worries

Asian bourses saw losses across the board on Wednesday morning as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reached 850,000 worldwide. 

Regional breakdown: Coronavirus cases in Thailand now spread across 61 provinces

Our updated number of cases by region, current as of Wednesday morning, are listed below. Central region:

Thais take to April Fools by impersonating under-fire government officials

Thai social media users took to April Fools wholeheartedly on Wednesday by impersonating government officials under pressure from their perceived poor response...