Mishari Muqbil

Mishari Muqbil is the ceo of Zymple.biz, he helps programming teams be more productive through Open Source. He's also a co founder CoderDojo Thailand. He can be reached via @mishari on Twitter or [email protected]

Opinion: Reforming the police is not impossible, just look at Georgia

For the past year, Thailand has seen street protests calling for a reform of many institutions within Thai society including the education system and...

Covid-19 means more people are working from home than ever; here are some tips for companies and individuals

The crisis that the world is facing now is unprecedented. Movement restriction policies are forcing companies to have their staff work from home instead...

OPINION: Is democracy a cancer? Or is smoking good for your health

Tobacco consumption has been part of human society for three thousand years. Smokers have long talked about how great smoking is, and in the mid-1900s there...

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