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How social and mainstream media failed us during the Korat mass shooting

You saw it on Facebook and Twitter first. The videos of bloody bodies lying in the parking lot. The images of people fleeing in terror, of the mall’s food court ablaze, and gunshots, the piercing sound of gunshots, everywhere.  

Thai leaders take to social media to offer condolences over Korat mass shooting

On Saturday, a disaffected soldier shot his commanding officer at an army camp before going on a shooting rampage in the Korat city centre. Thai political leaders have taken to social media to offer condolences and updates.

Four talking points as the Korat shootings unfold

On Saturday, a disaffected soldier shot his commanding officer at an army camp before going on a shooting rampage in the Korat city centre. At least ten people are confirmed to have been killed with dozens more wounded.

Thailand’s gun laws and statistics: A brief overview

Thailand has had a gun ownership law since 1947.The Act Concerning Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives allows people to obtain gun licenses for the purposes of self-defense, protection of property, sports or hunting....

[Update-3] At least 20 dead in Korat shooting, over a hundred evacuated from mall

At least 20 people are dead and 31 more injured in a mass shooting in the North-Eastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima, officials said Sunday.Of the 31 injured, four are in intensive care...

Thai public health minister under fire for xenophobic comments

Thai public health minister Anutin Charnvirakul was criticized on social media on Friday for xenophobic comments he made to local media while responding to the coronavirus outbreak.The minister had been handing out masks...

Thailand’s Constitutional Court to rule on budget bill Friday

Thailand's Constitutional Court said it would rule on Friday over the legality of the 2020 fiscal year budget bill.The validity of the bill is in question because of irregularity during the voting...

OPINION: The politics of epidemic immunity

“It won’t take long for Thais to develop immunity from coronavirus”, the post read, “but if we don’t deal with the nation-hating virus, a crisis will ensue.” Dr. Warong Dechgitvigrom is not a politician...

Future Forward questions timing of Constitutional Court ruling

Future Forward, on Thursday, questioned the timing of the Constitutional Court’s ruling which could see the party dissolved for breaking electoral rules.Thailand’s Constitutional Court said on Wednesday that it would rule on...

Coronavirus numbers jump in China; Thailand among world’s most prepared to deal with threat

Coronavirus numbers continue to climb in China as the number of deaths increased by 74 in the last 24 hours, with the official toll now at 564 dead, according to Chinese state media.

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Kasikorn predicts household debt to GDP could rise to 90 per cent

Amid the economic downturn, Thai household debts could rise to 90 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), according to Kasikorn Research.

Opinion: The people should not have to suffer for the government’s incompetence

When I heard the news about two imported coronavirus cases from overseas, I thought of people who sacrificed everything by cooperating with...

Analysis: Market euphoria could burn some investors as economic turnaround is not around the corner

The momentum of trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) seems to have returned as daily trading values have seen a...

Sources: Sethaput front-runner to be Bank of Thailand governor

With the current central bank governor Veerathai Santiprabhob due to retire at the end of September, the government has for months been...