No coup coming says mastermind of last coup in 2014

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan denied rumors of a coup d'état on Monday despite giving similar reassurances in 2014 when he and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha launched the last coup.The Deputy...

Vocational students and red shirts join to form new ‘protest guard’ group

We Volunteer (WeVo), the main volunteer guard group for the pro-democracy rallies, said on Monday that the formation of a new association of volunteer guards serves more as a symbolic move than a practical one.

SET index expected to drift down due to political turmoil in the country, said analysts

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) index is expected to drift below 1,340 points in absence of fresh positive factors, analysts said on Wednesday, as the market would be weighed down by concerns over worsening political turmoil...

US loss is China’s gain after world’s largest free trade agreement is signed

Perhaps the most important decision of Donald Trump’s presidency happened early on after he took office.Months after he swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution, he pulled the United States...

Opinion: Thailand’s compromising characteristic has been a gift and curse but that may soon change

Thailand is a land of compromise.The current government might not be but the Thai people are.Because we are so compromising, we haven’t really gone to any extremes....

Anon Numpha: the only way out is for society to “compromise” as per King’s suggestion

Pro-democracy movement leader and human rights lawyer Anon Numpha said in a statement on Monday that the only way to resolve the current political crisis in Thailand is for both sides to “compromise” - as per HM...

Neilson Hays Book Sale and Farmers Market this weekend!

The Neilson Hays Library will host its popular book sale and a farmer's market this weekend November 7-8. Join and browse hundreds of books and pick from fresh produce.

The private sector has improved outlook on exports but still wary about NPLs, says the JSCCIB

The economy is expected to go into recession with a GDP contraction of at least 7-9 per cent based on the expectation that exports will drop by 8-10 per cent, the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry...

No special instructions needed to contain protest says Prayut

The government is not in conflict with any group and no special instructions have been given to security officials in regards to ongoing protests, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said after the cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

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Thailand discovers 21 new cases of coronavirus in state quarantine and from abroad on Monday

Thailand’s government on Monday said that it had discovered 21 new case of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

Singha says it will sue protesters for defamation

Boon Rawd Brewery, the parent company of Singha Beer, said that it plans on suing protesters for defamation after social media posts...

Opinion: Making outlandish statements hinders more than helps the student movement

On Monday, during a pro-democracy protest in front of the army's 11th regiment, protest leader Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak made the following claim.

Opinion: It is time for the students to embrace conservatism and not modern liberalism

For the past five months, Thailand's students have taken to the streets to demand change. They have called on the government, and...

The Big Interview: Uncle Statue

For the past five moths, pro-democracy protests have taken place throughout the country with regular rallies in Bangkok and the surrounding areas....