Art and Culture Events for the Weekend of November 27-29

Welcome to the progressive arts events guide for this last weekend of November! To our friends who do celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving.

The Progressive Reader’s Arts Events Guide for the Weekend of 20-22 November

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekend events guide! For this edition, the special place of honor goes to the Bangkok...

The Progressive Reader’s Arts Events Guide for the Weekend of 13-15 November

Welcome to the Thai Enquirer’s first-weekend arts event guide! Over the past few years, Thailand’s modern art scene...

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Netizens vow to reduce trash during Loy Krathong by calling for ceremonies from home

The hashtag, #งดลอยกระทง63, trended on Thai Twitter on Friday as netizens came together to campaign against the waste produced during the festival...

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Thailand discovers 21 new cases of coronavirus in state quarantine and from abroad on Monday

Thailand’s government on Monday said that it had discovered 21 new case of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

Singha says it will sue protesters for defamation

Boon Rawd Brewery, the parent company of Singha Beer, said that it plans on suing protesters for defamation after social media posts...

Opinion: Making outlandish statements hinders more than helps the student movement

On Monday, during a pro-democracy protest in front of the army's 11th regiment, protest leader Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak made the following claim.

Opinion: It is time for the students to embrace conservatism and not modern liberalism

For the past five months, Thailand's students have taken to the streets to demand change. They have called on the government, and...

The Big Interview: Uncle Statue

For the past five moths, pro-democracy protests have taken place throughout the country with regular rallies in Bangkok and the surrounding areas....