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Opinion: Time for Thailand’s protest movement to regroup and rethink

Thailand’s pro-democracy protest movement captured the imagination of the country and the world when they stood in defiance against the country’s military-backed rulers.For...

Opinion: Student criticism of southern voters is disappointing

It was disappointing to see young netizens accusing Southern voters of being stupid or lacking political awareness after the Democrat Party won the by-elections...

Opinion: Thammanat says only rich people with the right last name should be elected

According to Thammanat Prompao, a convicted drug dealer with fake degrees (and former deputy minister and political leader), voters should vote for a person...

Opinion: The democratic movement is not finished

The military government thinks that they can suppress the democratic movement by incarcerating the movement's leaders but they will be proven to be wrong....

Nantawan Land and Houses Park - Chiang Mai

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