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Top stories

Architectural History: The Netherlands Ambassador’s Residence

In the midst of Bangkok’s militant urbanism – the glass buildings, the dusty construction sites, the dark concrete skytrain that cuts through Sukhumvit –...

Revisit old Siam and Thailand through the British Pathé film archives (1920-1950)

'Pathe News' produced newsreels for the British empire between 1910 to 1970 covering a wide range of world events and news items....

A Thai opera company turns to technology during the pandemic to encourage art and learning

Opera Siam and Siam Sinfonietta recently announced the winners of its two-month-long Virtual Virtuoso Project at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center...

The Museum of Anti-Corruption, and the Myth of Individualized Corruption

“What counts as corruption?” It is the defining question of Thai politics, emblazoned in a playful font on a...

The History of Thailand in 100 Objects: Patpong Co,. Ltd.

"Tom, Tom, where you go last night?" Ad Carabao sings in the opening lines of 'Welcome to Thailand.'

Latest Posts

Activists start a petition to protest the removal of a portrait of a student protester killed by the military

Students at Chulalongkorn University have started an online petition to protest the removal of a portrait of Somdet Wirunhaphon, a first-year student...

[UPDATE-1] The central bank maintains country’s benchmark lending rate at 0.5 per cent

The Bank of Thailand (BOT)’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has unanimously voted to maintain the policy interest rate on Wednesday.

SEAOIL shares soar up by 6.9 per cent due to new crude discovery on L53/48

The share price of Sea Oil PCL (SEAOIL) stood at 2.48 baht on the Wednesday morning session closing (12:30 p.m.), rising up...

[UPDATE-1] Representatives from the private sector expect a recession of at least 8 per cent in 2020

The Thai economy is expected to go into a recession of at least 7-9 per cent in 2020, the Joint Standing Committee...

#RIPWanchalerm trends on Twitter as activists allege that Wanchalearm is dead

A new hashtag, #ripwanchalerm, is now the number one trend on Twitter on Wednesday as netizens and the public claim that Wanchalearm...

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