Thailand confirms 34 new coronavirus infections; one new fatality

Thailand’s government confirmed on Tuesday that it had discovered 34 new coronavirus infections bringing the total number of infected to 2,613

It continues a lowering trend of new infections in the country which the government attributes to its policies.

There was 1 new fatality bringing the death toll to 41. The new fatality was a bus driver in Bangkok.

177 more patients have recovered from the virus bringing the total number of discharged patients to 1,405.

“The numbers have increased from yesterday which means we have to keep vigilant,” said government spokesman Dr Thaweesin Visanuyothin. “The number of recoveries has also increased which means there are now more hospital beds available, which is a good think.”

ASEAN Summit

The leaders of ASEAN nations met on Tuesday via teleconferencing to discuss a regional response to the coronavirus outbreak. Also included in the meeting was Japan, China and South Korea.

While the nations of ASEAN have not been as badly hit as its Asia Pacific partners, the European Union, and the United States, increasing infections in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia have become a cause for concern.

A second wave of infections in Singapore have also seen the city-state shut down its borders.

Thailand said it would continue to close its borders to new arrivals, stranding some citizens abroad. The government said that its social isolation policies and its quarantine policies were seeing success and it would continue to do so until the situation is over.

Despite this, businesses in the capital have been buoyed by the lowering infection numbers and have made plans to restart operations in the near future.


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